7 Simple Steps to Sell Your Home in Atlanta

Selling homes in Atlanta has been challenging for the past few years, but things are definitely improving.  Adhering to these few steps will help your home sell faster.

1.  Curb Appeal – first impressions are key – trim the shrubs, get your yard in shape, paint the front door, and clean the windows.  Check out  Curb Appeal List, suggestions for The Back Yard, and Plumbing and Fixtures.  There are a number of reasons why Homes Don’t Sell, so try to have yours in the best condition possible.

2.  Trust in your Agent  is critical when you are selling your home – Choose your Realtor carefully – look for  an agent who has your best interests at heart, who listens and tells you the truth.

3.  Choose a Realtor who is technologically savvy and has a large internet presence to help market your property, one who uses lots of photos,  Virtual Tours, websites, blogs, and business contacts to expose your home on the internet.  That’s where Buyers are looking first.

4.  Price it Reasonably.  Go over the comparables with your Agent and choose a reasonable price for your home.  Pricing it correctly from the beginning can save you months waiting for a Buyer.   If you’ve been in your home for awhile, you may have decent Appreciation when you decide to sell – it all depends on where you are located, as many areas have lost value in the past few years.

5.  Clean things out – get rid of the clutter – hire a storage site to store things you won’t need until you move

6.  Keep the home clean, smelling fresh and ready to show – this means no dirty dishes in the sink, or on the bedroom floor.

7.  Be Realistic.  Homes are staying on the market longer, and Buyers expect a lot.  Work with your Agent to negotiate a price you and the Buyer can live with.  Then, be patient as homes are often taking longer to close as well.

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